About Us

Aluminum Boat Plans was created to fill an interest from customers wanting to build their own boat with their own tools on their schedule. Using state-of-the-art software, we are able to design almost anything and bring it all the way through all phases. We chose boats. We chose boats because for over twenty years, all we have done is design and build custom boats for customers from Hawaii to Alaska.

We saw a market for the home builder who wants to build his/her own boat and save the shop rate charged by boat building companies large and small. We start with our stock designs, add, and subtract options until your boat is what you wanted. You then pay for the plans. We then send the "cut file" to a cut house of your choice. You pick up the cut plate pieces, your extrusions, and take it all back to where you are going to start the build.

We will supply you with a specific build sequence for your particular boat, and we will send the files to the cut-house of your choice. You build, and then you play. The reason we stay with smaller boats (under 21') is that for the average guy, the cost of outfitting can sometimes be four times the boat price or more. Smaller boats are easier to get the confidence needed to get into a larger boat later and not feel so overwhelmed. We have designed these boats with straightforward, easy-to-assemble parts. No exotic bending or experience required. We may use state-of-the-art software but design them with the first time builder in mind.

We can also design, build and deliver the boat to you for shop rate charge. We appreciate your interest in our designs and look forward to seeing your project through to the end.